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Resume Software – What to Look For

The old method of using a word processor to crank out a resume is slowly dying out due to the necessity of producing perfection in a short space of time which is what resume software offers. The current unemployment rate is as high as it has ever been which means an almighty scramble for work. Job vacancies that once produced 20 replies have seen this number increase tenfold. Hiring managers have become more impatient than ever before and resumes with even the slightest errors, discrepancies or inconsistencies are dumped without a second glance. Resume software sales have increased exponentially as employment seekers are looking for the edge that a computer program gives them.

The Basics Aren’t Enough

It is tempting to opt for free resume software because it delivers the basic requirements. However, it has already been established that average doesn’t cut it in today’s job market so look for something that offers plenty of options, regardless of the cost. If you are serious about gaining employment, $50 should be a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands you will earn from a rewarding, challenging and lucrative job.

Stand Out From The Throngs

Look for resume software that enables you to depart from the traditional chronological format that focuses on your work history. While this is the ‘done thing’, you may be looking to place greater emphasis on your skills rather than your experience. After all, if the end product of resume software is the same as it would be from manual production, there is little point in having it.

Keeping with the increased options theme, resume software should enable you to produce something unique. A major problem with most software is that they create something that looks dull and bland. There is nothing in the resume that makes you stand out. If you’re paying money for a product, it has to produce something remarkable that forces the employer to immediately drop the application and call you. Remember, a hiring manager spends days looking at the same type of resume. Find software that deviates from this trend and puts you at the front of the employment queue.

Tailor Made

The best resume software enables users to tailor an application to their every need. It should have templates which can be used to quickly draft up a killer resume. It must have different design choices, an accurate spellchecker and additional cover letter assistance. A big flaw in certain resume software is its inability to create copies. It seems unbelievable that software would prevent an individual from possessing a personal copy but it’s true. Some software only allows you to create a resume and send it there and then.

What usually separates resume software is its added extras such as tips on preparing for job interviews as well as a list of common mistakes made by applicants. Assuming the software is successful and you get called for an interview, it is important to be ready. The best software acts as an all-in-one package that helps you from the beginning of your job search to your first day of new employment. There should also be a dedicated customer service team on hand to answer queries and solve any problems you may have with the software. Resume software should be an all-encompassing method of finding work, not a creator of bland, unoriginal job applications. Read resume software reviews to find a package that suits your needs.